Weโ€™re committed to creating intentional brands 

We understand that every business is unique and therefore require a unique approach to building or re-building their brands.  We find that businesses are often at different stages of growth and it takes a hands on approach to building and managing each brand uniquely. 

Co-Founders | Studio Directors

Founders Kim and Jay Wallace have been in the business of designing and building brands online for over 15 years. They like to say they've been in "the business" before "Google" was a thing.    

Jay and Kim's combined skills of design and computer programming expertise has grown along with
their love of working with the owners, creators and founders of business within their community.  

Jay Wallace | Co-Founder | Oliver Spence Creative Agency

Co-Founder | Director of Operations

Kim Wallace | Co-Founder Oliver Spence Creative Agency

Co-Founder | Creative Director

Creative & Technical Team

Today Oliver & Spence is comprised of a highly talented team of people that feel like family where any day of the week you can hear laughter, see dogs sitting on the laps of designers and big screen Macs lit up. 

The bustling design, web, and social team is in the heart of Ramsay, Calgary, Canada.  

We invite you to explore all that we have to offer - when you're ready, reach out, let's sit down and chat about you and your business.